10 Steps To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back When She Has Moved On

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Published: 23rd October 2012
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Every girl wants a guy who can understand and connect with her but there are rules for pursuing a girl after a break up and Iíll explain what they are in this article and how they can open the door for getting back together.

If you want to get your ex girlfriend back when she has moved on, the following 10 techniques will get her attention again.

1.) Do not be afraid to call her.

As soon as you call her try to keep control of the conversation by sounding vague and mysterious. Let her know that youíve been thinking about her but that youíre also busy living your life. If she thinks that youíre over her sheíll be a little more willing to contact you and keep the lines of communication open.

Also when you talk to her, donít do it five times a day. Keep it to once or twice a week maximum. If you call her too much too often sheíll think youíre desperate and needy and thatís not a quality that a woman wants. Instead, keep your phone calls short and sweet. The less you say about yourself and what youíve been doing the better.

2.) Contact her via email.

Itís OK to send her an email, especially if the breakup wasnít amicable. It could be that you donít want to hear her voice right now and thatís OK, I understand, and so the next best thing is to send an email.

The advantage to doing this over a text message or a Facebook wall post is that an email gives you the writing space you need to pour your heart out if you need to. So take advantage of technology and send her a quick note letter her know what youíve been up to.

3.) Itís totally fine to date other women

After the breakup because chances are sheíll be doing the same thing as well. But I want to caution you here, donít take dating other too seriously at this point.

Dating others and getting out and having a good time will do you good after the breakup by keeping your mind off her and raising your spirits if youíre depressed. So get out there and get a life and keep an open mind.

4.) Remember her birthday.

Holidays are a great excuse to get in touch with your ex and you canít do better than a birthday because you can personalize the gift.

Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday. So take the time and treat your ex a princess.

5.) Analyze her.

Do you really know what she wants or is looking for in a man? She wants a man who wants her for who she is, so pay attention to what she says and does when she talks.

If you didnít pay attention to her before when you were dating, do it now. You need to understand your ex now more than ever before.

6.) Avoid Jealousy.

One of the things that turns women off the most is jealous boyfriends or ex boyfriends. Youíve broken up and so you donít have any claim to her, what she does or who she sees.

So if you find that youíre getting jealous of your ex, do something to take your mind off her. Go out with friends and get a life. Do things that make you happy so youíre not obsessing over what sheís doing right now.

Remember she is your ex. And getting back together with her means that you need to avoid this and accept the breakup for what it is.

7.) Be Nice.

How does she talk about you when sheís with other people? Does your ex girlfriend talk nicely about you when sheís discussing your relationship with others?

Did you give her any reason not to?

I know neither of you were perfect in the relationship, but this is a great indication as to how she really feels about you as a person. Try and find out what sheís saying about you and take it as constructive criticism. Imagine how much better youíll be if you can take some of your weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

8.) Donít play mind games.

Itís really easy to play mind games with someone youíve broken up with. But this wonít do you any good when it comes to getting her back. Do you think itís going to help you get her back if you play mind games with her?

My advice to you is to stay away from playing any and all mind games during your breakup. If sheís playing them with you, ignore them and focus on whatís really important Ė her.

9.) Try not to give up control during the breakup.

Is your ex girlfriend chasing you after the breakup? If so, donít reveal your cards and donít overplay your hand. Even though you can have her back whenever you want because sheís after you itís important to try and maintain control over the space you have so you can dictate what happens next.

Relationships are difficult and complex at the best of times. And when youíre together, you want to keep the communication open between you two, but when youíre apart you need to try and appear mysterious and more complex.

During your reconciliation with your ex girlfriend, donít ever tell her you love her unless youíre absolutely certain she loves you back, because if you tell her but she doesnít feel the same way about you yet, then youíve played your best card and thatís something you canít get back
10.) Become physically and intellectually attractive to her.

Even though itís not the most important thing on your ex girlfriendís checklist, you should try to stay in shape or get back in shape if needed so that you look like youíre trying.

Also you should look at diversifying your interests to become more intellectually appealing to her as well. Not only do women want someone who takes care of themselves physically but they also want someone whoís got some brains.

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