3 Guaranteed Tips On How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Published: 09th February 2012
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For virtually every woman who has gone through the pain of losing their boyfriend, there is practically nothing which they wouldn't try to get him back in her arms. When you are in so much pain, it's hard to think that you will really be able to go on living, that you can make it through. Regardless of how impossible and hopeless the situation may seem, you should know that there's hope that you and your ex can be back together again. Here are a handful of time tested guaranteed guidelines to get your ex boyfriend back, they have proved helpful for millions and they can work for you also. Just make sure that you carefully stick to each step, and be prepared to devote the time and effort during this process.

Possibly you have heard one or more of these techniques at other places, but if you genuinely want the best prospects for success you will follow all of the steps, in order.

OK, now onto the steps:

1. If you still have contact with your ex, now is the time to break it off. This isn't the time to keep in touch with him. The last thing you need or want from him is to think of you as a backup plan if things fall through with someone else. It's important that he feels the fear of thinking that he has lost you for good and he can't do that if you're always talking to him (it doesn't matter if he calls you or you call him, either way it's bad). I know this is hard to do in part because you're very vulnerable and worried that if you give him too much space he'll meet someone else.

But what you have to remember is that even though he may meet someone else, which isn't good for you, but if he's still hung up on you he won't fall for them. Actually meeting other people and finding that he isn't as compatible with them as he was with you will just make him miss you more. Give him space, this is a fantastic way to get him back even though I know it sounds backwards right now.

2. During this time you should be figuring out what issues you have that you would like to change. This isn't about finding ways to change so your ex will come back, it's about you owning up to your character traits that aren't really all that good and trying to improve. This is important because if you and your guy do get back together, you'll just repeat the same destructive cycles all over again unless one, or both, of you makes changes to the way they act. This step will take time, usually between several weeks to several months, but you have to do it. Not only can this step help you in your relationship with your ex if the two of you do reunite, it can also help you in all aspects of your life and make you a better person.

3. Now that you've made the necessary changes you need to contact your ex and ask them whether they'd like to meet up. Make sure you keep this very light, don't make it seem like you want to meet with them to speak about your relationship. More than likely they will refuse to meet because they'll be worried that it will end up in a fight. The best approach would be to just ask them if they'd like to meet for coffee as old friends.

uring the time the pair of you are together, he'll see the changes you've made in your life and hopefully that will be all it takes to convince him that the two of you should be together.

These guaranteed tips to get your ex boyfriend back work, they've worked for lots of other people and they can work for you too. Just give them an honest try.

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