4 Reasons to Skip the Is He The Right Boyfriend Quiz

Published: 10th February 2012
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I've seen a lot of "Is he the right boyfriend" quizzes online and I'm kind of tempted to take one. Will this impact my relationship with him at all?


There are many quizzes online that claim they can help you understand your relationship. The goal of these quizzes is to evaluate both your boyfriend and your current relationship in the hopes of telling you whether or not he's the right man for you. But the truth is that these quizzes are wildly inaccurate, and should never be relied on.

I'm going to outline 4 reasons why you should skip the 'Is he the right boyfriend' quiz.

The Quiz Is Not Personal

The biggest problem with the majority of these quizzes about your boyfriend is that they are not personal. And they don't take into account your boyfriend's individual personality. The quizzes are simply generic. So don't evaluate your thoughts or your relationship on a quiz that is so genereic. These types of generic quizzes often miss the most important factors in your relationship and won't give you a good indication of the true worth of your boyfriend.

The Quiz May Miss the Important Factors

Online relationship quizzes never bring all the aspects of a relationship together. These quizzes miss some of the most intangible factors of what really makes a good boyfriend in your eyes. The problem here is that if you rely on a quiz that doesn't factor in both the tangible and intangible benefits to your boyfriend, you risk trusting a source that is one dimensional and one that doesn't have all the facts or the answers.

They Force You To Ignore Your True Feelings

The truth is anytime you take an online relationship quiz you're really looking for reassurance. If the quiz tells you what you want to hear, you'll be able to make an easy decision when it comes to your boyfriend. However, if the quiz tells you something that you don't want to hear or that causes you to question your relationship then you run the risk of creating multiple issues that were never really there to begin with. Many people have made the mistake of ignoring their feelings simply because of what the quizzes tell them. So don't rely on a quiz that contradicts your true feelings for your boyfriend. More often than not, the feelings you have are right and you should trust them.

The Writer May Not be an Expert

You'll find that many relationship quizzes claim to be written by relationship experts. Some say that they are psychologists, while others say that they are relationship advisors and counselors.

Don't trust these quizzes. Because you can never really tell the difference between a fake and a professional. You risk putting sever weight on their answer, as you believe that they are in a position of knowledge. However at the end of the day, you do not want to base your relationship decisions on a quiz that many to be written by an expert.

'Is he the right boyfriend' quizzes are found on websites that claim to help you with your relationship however most of these sites fail to offer any personalization to you and your situation which means they won't really help you understand your relationship at all. Instead, talk to a family member or a friend if you have any questions about your relationship with your boyfriend. They are the ones who will be able to help you determine if he is the right boyfriend for you.

There is however a time when taking an online relationship quiz can actually help you and that's when you've broken up and want to get back together. A relationship breakup quiz can actually help you understand the signals that he's sending to you through his actions and his words. For all you know, you could be closer to getting back together than you think.

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