8 Tips for a Successful Online Dating Profile

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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For many women, the hardest part of internet dating is figuring out what to place in their profile. All dating sites offer their members a page, where they can write about themselves, upload photos and more. Next to your picture, the things you write about yourself are the most important because they give the reader a snap shot of who you are and what you're interest are.

One of the biggest problems that a lot of women have when they start with an internet based dating site is that they leave their profile section blank because they're anxious to get searching for people to date. There's nothing wrong with this if you're just looking, but if you're seriously trying to find the love of your life then it's a good idea to take some time before you start searching to work on this section because at the end of the day this is what makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Here are some things to keep in mind when writing your internet dating profile:

1) Keep it simple

Try to make it detailed enough for prospective dates to get an idea about you but short enough that they'll want to know more about you. If you write a long dissertation about yourself most men will simply skip over it and not contact you. And in the event that they did end up contacting you, there would be nothing left for them to discover about you which is part of the excitement that comes with dating.

2) Be honest

Lying in your profile is easy and it happens quite a bit and it makes it more difficult to meet someone face to face. If your profile says you’re 6’4” when you’re really 5’11”, your date will know you've lied the second they see you. And starting a relationship with a lie is never ever a good thing!

Unfortunately even honest people with good intentions will occasionally tell a little white lie by trying to make themselves look and sound more attractive then they really might be. If you want to attract the right kind of person based on your personality type then it pays to be honest about who you are and what you like.

3) Don’t be demanding

A lot of women tend to list the qualities of the type of man that they're looking for and while there is nothing wrong with this you need to be careful that you also include enough information about yourself so that it doesn't come across as an inquisition.

4) Too much information

Try to avoid putting unnecessary details in your profile such as: pas breakups, disappointments etc. That's not what people want to see when they look. Instead let them see someone who is fun, full of life and ready to date.

5) Add a dose of humor

Using humor is a great way to stand out from the crowd. In fact, some of the most successful profiles are those that just make people laugh. So try including a good joke within your profile; it will go a long way in making you more attractive to your prospects.

6) Be original

When it comes to generating interest with online dating, try and go deeper in this section. Anyone can write "I like long walks on the beach and quite evenings at home". Instead, try using adjectives at the start of your list and go from there. When you dig deeper and give people more of yourself you come across as a real person instead of just words and a picture.

7) Upload a picture

A picture is a must if you're into online dating and not having one will make your prospects jump over you faster than a mud puddle. In fact, some people when they're searching for profiles to view, will only select those with a picture, so if you don't have one you need to get one. Don't stress too much about how your picture needs to look. Generally a good head shot of you smiling will do the job nicely.

8) Match your profile to what you want

Make sure that both your profile, picture and screen name give off the impression that you want. If you're a woman looking for a serious relationship then avoid putting up semi nude photos of yourself because you're not going to attract the kind of guy that you're really looking for.

The Bottom Line

If you want your online dating profile to spark the right man’s interest, you need to be unique and honest. Take time to think about what it is that really describes you and the things that you truly enjoy doing. If you want to find a man with similar interests, you must know what your interests are first! Take the first opportunity to show Mr. Right that you’re “amazing” by sprucing up your online dating profile today!

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